Get the support help you need fast. As we rethink the future of service, we cannot lose sight of our traditional customers. At the same time, we must bring connected customers into view. No need to reinvent the service center yet. However, listening, learning and adapting starts with research. The way people define good customer service. It might seem like a given that most people would list achieving their desired outcome as the most important factor. Research has shown the single most important factor was this, the problem was resolved quickly. OK, so clearly the customer getting their way would be the second highest-rated factor, right? Nope. The person who helped me was nice. Makes sense; nobody likes to be treated poorly. The customer getting their way has got to be the third most important factor for good customer service, wrong again. Customers want the problem was resolved in one interaction – no passing around to multiple people. These are the support tenants we adhere too.

Remote Support

In your office, out of town, on the beach or just about anywhere we can help fix your computer problems, contact us and request a remote session to fix your problem. Join a remote support session. Just enter the session ID given by a Zypath technician and click the connect button. Just not sure what is being done to your computer then just sit back and watch us work our magic. You will be able to watch everything the support technician does while working on your computer.

Live Chat

In Technology Services, chat is promoted as being a cost-effective way to add personalization and social interaction to the online experience as well as being a way to provide immediate responses to customer questions. Need to ask a quick question, curious about our services, try chatting with a technician. Chat directly with support. Just enter your name and click chat. Coming soon.

Help Desk

The key to technology helping a company is keeping Informational Technology functions available and operational for use as much as possible. It is not possible to have 100% operational up time, so what is the best way to handle the times when they are not working? One very valuable solution is a Help Desk. A Help Desk is a resource designed for IT users to contact when they are having problems with their IT services. Help Desks institute a multi-tiered troubleshooting approach by having personnel with extensive technical knowledge available. Coming soon.


Our support forum is provided as a community place to go and ask questions and get help. Engage, collaborate, co-create, and share with your fellow experts on any technology or solutions in technical support forums. Participate in live expert events and join the ongoing technical support forum in our communities. Coming soon.