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The forum was an adaptation of the Greek agora and acropolis. In Rome the forum Romanum referred to the flat and formerly marshy space between the Palatine and Capitoline hills. In the Roman republic, this was the site of public meetings, law courts, and gladiatorial games and was lined with shops and open-air markets. Under the Roman empire, when the forum evolved into a center for religious and secular ceremonies and spectacles, it held many of Rome’s most imposing temples, basilicas, and monuments. New forums were built, some devoted to judicial or administrative affairs and some to trade.

My how times have changed, yet things remain the same. We still do gladiatorial games but now its with words instead of swords and knives. We hope our Forum doesn’t become a site of gladiatorial combat but instead a center of new ideas. bbPress is forum software we use and it is made the WordPress way. bbPress is focused on ease of integration, ease of use, web standards, and speed. We’re keeping things as small and light as possible while still allowing for great add-on features through WordPress’s extensive plugin system. What does all that mean? bbPress is lean, mean, and ready to take on any job you throw at it. Help us build our community and signup now!