Remote Support

In your office, out of town, on the beach or just about anywhere we can help fix your computer problems, contact us and request a remote session to fix your problem. Join a remote support session. Just enter the session ID given by a Zypath technician and click the connect button. Just not sure what is being done to your computer, then just sit back and watch us work our magic. You will be able to watch everything the support technician does while working on your computer.

Obviously, remote control (“shadowing”) tools have become one of the key pieces of support technology. Often, a customer’s computer can be quickly restored to full function by the addition of a patch or upgrade, a change in configuration, or an adjustment in the user and group settings, but the customer may not have the rights and permissions necessary to make the changes, may not know where to get required software, may not be aware that they need the software or adjustments, or may simply require some “handholding” to get through the process.

Remote Support offers the following advantages:

  • Faster time to resolution, as phone tag and data gathering steps are eliminated, and more issues are resolved at first contact
  • Higher technical support representative productivity, as support engineers can work directly on the system, see exactly what’s happening, and not need to recreate customer environments on lab computers
  • Better root cause analysis, as engineers can see defects exactly as they present themselves at customer sites
  • Training as a by-product of support, as customers watch, learn, and duplicate expert resolution processes
  • Higher customer satisfaction and loyalty as a natural side effect of faster, more accurate, and more transparent resolutions