Business Services

We offer comprehensive business services that can help your company achieve maximum efficiency. Optimize your business systems by automating previously labor intensive processes. We use techniques you may not even be aware of. Often companies have islands of information either on the WEB or internally. Isolated systems do not seem to have a cost effective way to connect to each other. Often older or even lower cost programs may not have import and export capability. Lack of import/export capability does not stop us, all we need is some sort of ‘form data’ or even a report and we can grab data from it. Let us help you find ways to connect all your processes together to reduce or eliminate duplicate data entry, increase accuracy and reduce the time to complete the transfer of information from one system to another. What you might think is an impossible to automate can actually be done, give us a call and see if we can help.

Our Business Services include but are not limited to:

  • WEB data harvesting and extraction
  • Business process improvement and automation

A recently completed business services project involved using an Internet scraping program to login, navigate, search for and download PDF documents containing invoice information. Previously the invoice information was manually entered into the accounting system. The manual process could take up to thirty hours due to interruptions and the volume of entry. The computerized process reduced the entire process down to just a few hours while still meeting medical data protection guidelines. Using a process known as Scraping the desired data was grabbed electronically from PDF files and put into spreadsheets. The spreadsheets were imported into the their “Accounting Edge Pro” system, thus automating what was all done by hand before. The new computerized process reduced errors and greatly increased productivity.

We work with a variety of accounting systems including but not limited to QuickBooks, Accounting Edge Pro, and PeachTree. We also work with a wide variety of WEB based systems such as Joomla or WordPress CMS, SugarCRM and ecommerce software such as Magento or WooCommerce. We have extensive experience with a wide variety of Open Source and Proprietary software. Call us today and see how we can improve your bottom line with our business services.