Programing Services

We offer Programing Services using HTML5, CSS, PHP and the Android programming languages. We specialize in customizing existing WEB content to make it work the way you want it too. Never miss that new feature you have been waiting for because of customizations you have made. We can setup your WEB site so that updates to your favorite templates and plugins can continue while maintaining your changes by using overrides. Need a new function integrated into your WEB site. Perhaps you have had complaints from older clients not being able to read your impressive blogs. We can fix that with font resizing, now your content will work for everyone. Having trouble adapting a favorite widget or plugin to that great new responsive template you just installed, we can fix that.

Our Programing Services include but are not limited to:

  • CSS Overrides
  • HTML5 Development
  • PHP Programing
  • Android Programing

HTML5 and CSS3 are the two languages that are the basic building blocks of websites. HTML5 is like the foundation and framing used to build a house. It provides web browsers with instructions on how to structure and display content. CSS3, on the other hand is like the details that make a house unique: paint, landscaping, furniture, and art. CSS3 takes care of the overall aesthetics of your website. We can use the CSS3 to make temporary features such as a special appear without touching your original WEB Site code. Perhaps you want different colors for each season we can do that all without touching your primary code.

Responsive web design is the strategy being used today. This essentially involves developing a flexible website that will “respond” and adjust itself to the various screen dimensions of devices. If you’re looking at a responsive website on an iPad, Kindle, iPhone or Android tablet and rotate it, the website will adjust and reconfigure itself automatically to the screen shape. This doesn’t mean the website will look or behave in the same manner on a laptop versus a tablet, but the user experience will be optimized for each. Responsive web design maintains aesthetics while optimizing usability. Move your WEB site to the next level consider moving to a responsive WEB design, call us we can help.

Need to add a mobile application to extend your WEB Site we can either write an Android application or make your WEB Site responsive. We are presently working on an Android project that connects a cars computer data with your android device and then allows information to be uploaded to an accounting package. Yes we can do that…