WEB Services

You shouldn’t have to know how to code to manage a website. Our WEB Services ensure that your site can be managed by anyone who can use a Internet browser. Lower cost and easy maintenance means you do not have to pay us every time you just want to add a blog, run a special or update an address. We use what are called Content Management Systems (CMS) for all of our web site designs. A CMS separates the content from the presentation, giving you the flexibility to update your website. Simple to very complex websites can be achieved for a fraction of the cost from just a few years ago. Don’t reinvent the wheel, let us do the heavy lifting to make your job easier.

Our WEB Services include but are not limited to:

  • Ecommerce and Dynamic WEB site design, setup and services.
  • WEB site integrations with Accounting and CRM systems.
  • WEB site social integrations.

All you really need to know is that these two languages are the basic building blocks of websites. HTML5 is like the foundation and framing used to build a house. It provides web browsers with instructions on how to structure and display content. CSS3, on the other hand is like the details that make a house unique: paint, landscaping, furniture, and art. CSS3 takes care of the overall aesthetics of your website.

Responsive web design is the strategy being used today. This essentially involves developing a flexible website that will “respond” and adjust itself to the various screen dimensions of devices. If you’re looking at a responsive website on an iPad and rotate it, the website will readjust and reconfigure itself automatically to the screen shape. This doesn’t mean the website will look or behave in the same manner on a laptop versus a tablet, but the user experience will be optimized for each. Responsive web design maintains aesthetics while optimizing usability.

You don’t have to be a mechanic to own and operate a car. Likewise, you don’t need to be a developer to understand the basic components of a website. Understanding common terminology like responsive design, knowing the complementary building blocks of HTML5 and CSS3 and recognizing the importance of a CMS will demystify the world of web development.

Bring yourself up to a conversant level so you can make educated business decisions about your digital presence. Then let the pros take over from there. Call us today and see how our WEB Services can help you with your digital presence.