This links page contains a list of all of the best free software applications I have found over the years to perform a multitude of task. Over time some of these might change if I encounter an even better tool than I originally had here. There are also a list of sites to see and write reviews of Zypath LLC. Included on each link is a brief descriptions and links to third party software offerings. All of the sites, lists, and tools mentioned here have been found to be useful at one time or another, though some may now be out of date. We welcome suggestions for additional software and utilities links that you think others might find useful. Drop us a line and let us know what we and others might be missing. My only caveat being that the application be among the top open source application in its category.

Free Software – These programs are free replacements for most commercial products, they can save your business upfront and recurring licensing costs.

Utilities – Having an issue with your computer/network/website these useful programs for testing and troubleshooting.

Reviews – Please visit these local search providers and write a review, many of the providers do not require registration to create a review, just log in with your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ ID. See the reviews other users have written by visiting these sites.

Friends – Please patronize these businesses.