Information Technology Services

Our business aligned Information Technology Services have been honed by years of experience and training. We understand how businesses must drive the use of technology and not the other way around. We make technology work for you and your budget. We visit your site and inventory your equipment before we do anything, this ensures that we integrate everything seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. Your budget, future plans and desires all examined to find the best solution at a reasonable cost. We can even design your network to be built in phases so that if growth plans are not realized you do not waste time and money on things you do not need. Threats comes from multiple sources and are being generated at an unprecedented rate. Mobile devices have created a new opportunity for mischief. Smart phones typically have both Wifi and Bluetooth capability, giving even casual users the ability to access your network if you are not prepared and protected. Typically technicians from a big box store do not have the in depth understanding of much of the equipment they work on. A thorough understanding of the industry and constant training are some some of the ways we keep up with the constant changes. We keep up with technology so you don’t have too.

Our Information Technology Services include but are not limited to:

  • Computer setup
  • Computer repair and cleanup
  • Application setup
  • Network Setup
  • Cloud computing setup
  • Mobile setup
  • Data and voice cabling

More complex designs will be planned on paper in a diagram form that is easy to understand so that you know what we are doing. We try not to throw too many Information Technology Service acronyms at you and we make sure you understand everything we are doing, including all those crazy technology terms. Do you think you present firm ignores why you need to understand how the money you spend will achieve your goals. We do not, we want to make sure that any money you spend is money well spent and not just something that goes down the Information Technology rabbit hole. We specialize in keeping cost down by using open source software where it makes sense. Most businesses just do not realize that there may be alternatives to some of the expensive proprietary applications they need to use for their business. We educate you about your choices and then let you decide what is best for your business.


While on site our time is devoted to get your job done quickly and correctly the first time. We fully test what we do to verify that the changes work as planned. We do not leave until the job is done right.¬†Oddly some providers feel it is no big deal to shut down important equipment right in the middle of the day. We think your profits are more important than our convenience, we work with you to establish the best time to make changes or complete work. We understand that time is money and if your business is not running full throttle then that is lost revenue and or opportunity. We also come to you, yes we make house calls. We don’t expect you to lug that heavy computer out to your car or send it through the mail to get it repaired and running smoothly. Our job doesn’t end when we deliver equipment, we make sure it is setup and working. Most importantly we want to be sure you understand how to use your equipment.


Manufacturers are under more pressure than ever to introduce the latest and greatest equipment and they are often releasing equipment before it is fully tested. Manufacturers will often release fixes after a product is on the market, this means products right out of the box may have issues or problems. Knowing how to look for these problems and more is what we do. There are so many security threats each month that all manufacturers will often release updates to software and hardware products on a regular basis. Almost all manufactures stop releases at what they determine is a product end of life. Often the problems are too numerous and the manufacturer will release a new model that contains new hardware and software, leaving the old model without an upgrade path.


Are you being told every time you call someone with a problem that their only solution is to replace all of your equipment. Often we find that many problems are solved by simply stepping back and looking at the whole picture. Software manufacturers often release updates and in some cases make it very easy for users to update their applications. Hardware manufactures also often update their products as well by what is known as a firmware update. The complexity of firmware updates and the chance that hardware will be bricked (turned into a door stop – if the update are done wrong or to the wrong version of a device) prevent most manufacturers from announcing these updates. In some cases they make them very difficult to find on their web sites. We know how to apply the correct fixes so you can get as much as possible out of the equipment you buy for your small business. We have the experience and the know how to troubleshoot even the toughest problems, especially those that kill productivity such as intermittent loss of connectivity, system lockups or just slow performance. Let the experts save you time and money, get peace of mind today, call the experts at Zypath today.