Information is power. We want our resources to provide guides, tools, and information to help you better understand how to use technology in your business. However, it may seem as if there is so much information available that you will be buried before you find the nuggets of wisdom that will help your business grow and get the maximum ROI on your IT investment.


An informational resource from Zypath LLC. We hope our blog will help shed light on small business related issues you may have missed and educate you on how to leverage open source software in your business.


This links page contains a list of all of the best free software applications I have found over the years to perform a multitude of task. Over time some of these might change if I encounter an even better tool than I originally had here. There are also a list of sites to see and write reviews of Zypath LLC. Also included on the page are brief descriptions and links to third party software offerings. All of the sites, lists, and tools mentioned here have been found to be useful at one time or another, though some may now be out of date.


Check out important dates for events sponsored by Zypath LLC, and industry software updates. We want our calendar to be your guide to when something important is happening in the technology world.