We provide Business Services, Information Technology Services, WEB Services and Programing Services throughout the greater Cape Fear Region. Many small businesses find it challenging to deploy, maintain, and protect their technology. We don’t just do Information Technology, we work beyond what most firms are capable of, by connecting your WEB presence to your back office functions. Mobile has become the new kid on the block and is taking over how we live and do work. Align your Information Technology systems with your business functions and make Information Technology work for you. We can connect your far flung operations whether they are static offices or a mobile on-the-go salesforce. Whether you are looking to keep Information Technology costs predictable, avoid unexpected problems, communicate more effectively or make a plan for business continuity, we have a solution for you.

Business Services

We offer comprehensive business services that can help your company achieve maximum efficiency. Optimize your business systems by automating previously labor intensive processes. We use techniques you may not even be aware of. Often companies have islands of information either on the WEB or internally. Isolated systems do not seem to have a cost effective way to connect to each other. Often older or even lower cost programs may not have import and export capability. Lack of import/export capability does not stop us, all we need is some sort of ‘form data’ or even a report and we can grab data from it. Let us help you find ways to connect all your processes together to reduce or eliminate duplicate data entry, increase accuracy and reduce the time to complete the transfer of information from one system to another.

Information Technology Services

Our business aligned Information Technology Services have been honed by years of experience and training. We understand how businesses must drive the use of technology and not the other way around. We make technology work for you and your budget. We visit your site and inventory your equipment before we do anything, this ensures that we integrate everything seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. Your budget, future plans and desires all examined to find the best solution at a reasonable cost. We can even design your network to be built in phases so that if growth plans are not realized you do not waste time and money on things you do not need. Threats comes from multiple sources and are being generated at an unprecedented rate. Mobile devices have created a new opportunity for mischief. Smart phones typically have both Wifi and Bluetooth capability, giving even casual users the ability to access your network if you are not prepared and protected. Typically technicians from a big box store do not have the in depth understanding of much of the equipment they work on. A thorough understanding of the industry and constant training are some some of the ways we keep up with the constant changes. We keep up with technology so you don’t have too.

WEB Services

You shouldn’t have to know how to code to manage a website. Our WEB Services ensure that your site can be managed by anyone who can use a Internet browser. Lower cost and easy maintenance means you do not have to pay us every time you just want to add a blog, run a special or update an address. We use what are called Content Management Systems (CMS) for all of our web site designs. A CMS separates the content from the presentation, giving you the flexibility to update your website. Simple to very complex websites can be achieved for a fraction of the cost from just a few years ago. Don’t reinvent the wheel, let us do the heavy lifting to make your job easier.

Programing Services

We offer Programing Services using HTML5, CSS, PHP and the Android programming languages. We specialize in customizing existing WEB content to make it work the way you want it too. Never miss that new feature you have been waiting for because of customizations you have made. We can setup your WEB site so that updates to your favorite templates and plugins can continue while maintaining your changes by using overrides. Need a new function integrated into your WEB site. Perhaps you have had complaints from older clients not being able to read your impressive blogs. We can fix that with font resizing, now your content will work for everyone. Having trouble adapting a favorite widget or plugin to that great new responsive template you just installed, we can fix that.