Gimp Beginner – Straight Line, Circle

Gimp Beginner – Straight Line, Circle

This tutorial shows you how you can create straight lines and circles with GIMP. Using the shift key a straight line can be drawn, instead of relying on the imprecision of the mouse. A perfect circle can be drawn by setting the aspect ratio of an ellipse.

  1. Lets start by creating a new file. Open up Gimp, A window titled GNU Manipulation Program as seen below should pop up.
    Gimp - GNU Manipulation Program
  2. In the upper left hand corner click on File then New… The following window appears.
    Gimp - Create New image
    I just left the settings at 640×480 pixels because that should be all we need for this tutorial, if you plan on making something more high resolution or of different dimensions you can adjust these settings. Click OK and you will have your work space.
  3. To draw a straight line click on the pencil Icon in the toolbox, place the pointer over the white surface and place a dot where desired.
    Gimp - Toolbox Tool Options Pencil
    Gimp - Workspace Pencil
  4. After placing the dot move your cursor to the desired end point, hold shift and click to place a line.
    Gimp - Workspace Draw Line
  5. The thickness and different effects for line creation can be adjusted in the “tool options” Pane on the left hand side located in the tool box. See how adjusting the thickness to 7 made a thinner line?
    Gimp - Toolbox Tool Options Pencil
    Gimp - Workspace Line Thickness
  6. Now to create a perfect circle! Instead of having the pencil selected, you’ll want to change to the ellipse select tool in the toolbox. To make it a perfect circle, in the tool options part of the toolbox you’ll want to check fixed aspect ratio.
    Gimp - Toolbox Tool Options Ellipse
    Gimp - Toolbox Tool Options Circle
  7. Click and drag in your drawing area until you create a circle of the desired size, and release the mouse button.
    Gimp - Workspace Draw Circle
  8. You should be left with a moving dotted line marking where your circle will be.
    To fill the circle with color, leave the circle selected and go up to the top row and choose Select, then choose selection editor.
    Gimp - Workspace Fill Circle
  9. After opening the selection editor you’ll want to select the paintbrush in the lower right hand corner.
    Gimp - Workspace Fill Circle Paint Brush
  10. After opening the choose stroke style window you may adjust the settings which will adjust thickness, color, style and other more advanced options. Click stroke to draw your circle.
    Gimp - Workspace Paint Brush Stroke Style
  11. Exit out of the selection editor and click outside of your circle to deselect it, and you have your circle!
    Gimp - Workspace Paint Brush Stroke Style Circle

A straight line, a circle, hey no problem and you thought this was going to be as painful as going to the dentist.

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