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We provide Business Services, Information Technology Services, WEB Services and Programing Services throughout the greater Cape Fear Region.


We try not to throw too many Information Technology Service acronyms at you and we make sure you understand everything we are doing, including all those crazy technology terms.


While on site our time is devoted to get your job done quickly and correctly the first time. We fully test what we do to verify that the changes work as planned. We do not leave until the job is done right.


Knowing how to look for these problems and more is what we do. There are so many security threats each month that all manufacturers will often release updates to software and hardware products on a regular basis.


We have the experience and the know how to troubleshoot even the toughest problems, especially those that kill productivity such as intermittent loss of connectivity, system lockups or just slow performance.

Open Source

We have extensive experience with a wide variety of Open Source and Proprietary Software. We also work with a wide variety of WEB based systems such as Joomla or WordPress CMS, SugarCRM and ecommerce software such as Magento or WooCommerce.


Optimize your business systems by automating previously labor intensive processes. We use techniques you may not even be aware of.

Latest News

An informational resource from Zypath LLC. We hope our blog will help shed light on small business related issues you may have missed and educate you on how to leverage open source software in your business.

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