Gimp Beginner – Red Eye Removal

Women in a hurry using cellphone.

This tutorial shows you how easy red eye removal is using GIMP (Gimp – Open source image retouching and editing tool.). Red eye removal is so simple, it is just a matter of selecting the right filter.

  1. First we need to locate a picture to remove red eye from. Do this by opening the picture with the red eye by: Go to File then Open…
    Gimp - Open file menu.
  2. Locate the file you need to correct, In my case it was located on the desktop, click “open”.
    Gimp Select image to open.
  3. Now you have your Red eye image that needs to be corrected. Now, to get down to business, getting rid of those demonic eyes. To do this go to Filters, then enhance, then select “Red eye removal…”
    Gimp - Selecting Red Eye Removal from enhanced filters menu.
  4. After opening this, you should immediately get the following window with options to remove your red eye.
    Gimp - Red eye removal preview.
  5. Adjusting the threshold slider will give you different color ranges and results. For us, using around 50 seems to do the trick without altering our color too much. Click “ok” to apply the filter.
    Gimp - Red eye removal preview with low threshold.
    Gimp - Red eye removal preview with high threshold.
    Gimp - Red eye removal preview with medium threshold.
  6. See how the red eye is removed? That’s what we’re aiming for, normal blue eyes without any red lasers shooting out of them.
    Gimp - Red eye removal filter applied.

Wow that was easy, even a tennager can do it. Oh right, your teenager already knows how and now so do you.

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